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Reconnect in the disconnect

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

To me it seems that now a good time to look at how we can do things differently. Using the experiences of Covid as an opportunity "reset" many attitudes to work-life balance, creating more meaningful relationships and doing what we can for the environment. I thought working remotely seemed an obvious improvement—especially in the creative industries. Unfortunately this opinion was not shared.

I needed to take a good look at things and make some decisions. Not knowing how things like Covid will affect us in future, It seemed obvious to me that we cannot rely on things always be open and available to us when we finally get around to "making the time" to do them. It might be visiting that ageing relatives or biking across Canada, if you continue to put these things on hold, you might not get to do them at all. After all, what is really important? Is it the latest gear/toys/fashion? or is it priceless experiences and spending time with the people who matter?

I choose the later.

Nimuae riding on anchor Waiheke Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand.

So when the ability to travel started getting easier I decided to take off to go to see my family, after that I would see what I could do next. Having made that decision I put Nimuae on her mooring on Waiheke island, New Zealand, sold my car, tidied up loose ends and escaped.

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