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Dash-ing about in Bishop

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

My lovely cousin Lisa who lives in Bishop offered me her horse for the time I was there. Dash is a palomino quarter horse with a willing temperament and a huge heart. We had a lot of fun riding out along dusty trails and mooching around in the scrub—in spite of the extreme heat. Not having been in a western saddle for more than 30 years it was a pleasant change and easy to adapt. We had a month and a half together which is time enough to get to know an animal and gain his trust. I spent most mornings with Dash (was otherwise too hot), he seemed to enjoy the attention and all the treats. Best of all, I met a lovely group of ladies who scooped me up and made me really welcome. We went out once or twice a week on trail rides and they showed me the best of the trails in the immediate area. It made such a difference to have made these new friends.

Sue on Reba and Nancy on Smoke on the trail

Sue on Reba, Michelle on Squid, Nancy on Smoke and Kris on Monty (not visible) on the trail.

It took a long time to adapt to the heat and dryness, I was plagued by headaches at the least amount of effort but overcame it within a month. All it meant was that I took a lot of ibuprofen, and drank a lot of rehydration mix, I enjoyed every minute.

Hidden Creek Stables, Bishop, CA.

Me on Even Money 1988, San Juan Capistrano. We competed locally with success in dressage. He was a really lovely boy, owned by Chris Wyman.
1970's La Sierra, California. My palomino Tennesee walker. I didn't have a saddle but I had a fancy hat!

Hidden Creek Stables are located near my sister's house and is an easy walk. Along there way we would "visit" horses and burros in the paddocks there, all keen for scratching, cuddles and treats. "Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Mo" (names my sister, Elizabeth gave them) would start braying as soon as they saw us coming. They would jostle and nip each other trying to get the most treats. Mules and burros continue to be used widely as pack animals in the Sierras, Bishop hosts an annual event called Mule Days which is worth a visit.

Eeny, Meeny, & Mo. Miney not pictured. The ears!! precious.

All of this equine immersion started me thinking about an idea I had many years ago of going on a long ride. Mentioning this to my cousin, she promptly put a book into my hands: Lady Long Rider, by Bernice Ende, an inspiring account of a woman who rides long distances alone traversing the US and parts of Canada and has been doing so for a number of years. A little searching pulled up a whole long riding community... WOW.

I know there is a long ride in me somewhere, somehow, soon.

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